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Ich wandere und fotografiere gern in der Stadt, auf dem Land und in den Bergen.Ich freue mich auf Touren mit Gleichgesinnten, vor allem, wenn auch sie vom Fotovirus befallen sind :-).
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  1. Lutz - Berlin a fait une randonnée.

    10 septembre 2021

    19,5 km
    4,7 km/h
    590 m
    580 m
    1. Lutz - Berlin

      The resin again! Again on a hiking car park! Again the rain is pounding on the car roof! The weather actually looked so nice on the approach, but the closer I got to the Harz, the more cloudy the sky became.
      While on my first hike in the Harz Mountains (komoot.de/tour/458500749) the sky poured over me for almost the entire tour, I was lucky today. After 5 minutes the watering was over and I was able to get out and start my hike.Today the round went exclusively through the forest with happy ups and downs. That's how I wished it to be, so that I could blow my lungs again and give my legs a run. A few small peaks were also mastered, which then rewarded me with distant views. Unfortunately, the air was very hazy and visibility was impaired accordingly.The Ellrich city forest was a border area for 40 years during the division of Germany. Many paved forest paths, partly gravel, partly asphalt and also armored concrete slabs, testify to the military rather than tourist use in the past decades. But you could also enjoy many beautiful and natural trails. And you have peace too, at least within the week. I didn't meet anyone.

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      • 10 septembre 2021

  2. Lutz - Berlin a fait une randonnée.

    2 septembre 2021

    5,50 km
    4,8 km/h
    20 m
    20 m
    Lausitzsonne, Rosefahrer et 68 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Lutz - Berlin

      Stranded in Würzburg.
      On the way back from Stuttgart, Bernd took me to Würzburg in his car. My plan there was actually to travel home by train with a short stop in Schweinfurt, which I don't know yet.
      The train's display board only spat out a few regional trains. The unusual trains have been left out right away so that the picture doesn't look quite so horrible. But my cell phone chirped away and confirmed my suspicion that the Huschebahn will never work. Fortunately, I was able to catch one of the last seats on the Flixbus and so I then comfortably gondolaed through half of Germany in 7.5 hours home.
      In Würzburg I used the waiting time and the nice weather for a short city walk. I just ran off without planning, always careful to avoid the crowds. So there was a mix of the familiar and the new for me, which I really enjoyed.

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      • 2 septembre 2021

  3. Lutz - Berlin a fait une randonnée.

    31 août 2021

    Lausitzsonne, Rosefahrer et 93 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Lutz - Berlin

      Approach to Stuttgart for maintenance work.
      In the late afternoon, Bernd and I still had time for this short hike near Lorch near Schwäbisch Gemünd.
      After almost exactly two kilometers, we suddenly heard faint tinkling, knocking, ringing and similar noises that got louder and louder. When we turned right into the ravine of the Schelmenklinge brook, we saw who was responsible for the sounds. 20 to 30 small water drives were to be admired, which were installed in the watercourse. Young and old had their fun and accordingly many families were traveling here.
      After leaving this gorge it suddenly became calmer. Now we went through different forests, which looked quite neat to us laypeople, regardless of whether they were spruce, fir or deciduous trees. Also great is the "Hohler Stein" grotto, which shimmers mysteriously in different colors.
      We also found the high plateau between kilometers 6.5 and 10.5 to be very beautiful. Beautiful distant views and many griffins circling over their prey made running there varied.In the end we would have liked to walk around the facilities of the Lorch monastery, but unfortunately it was too late for that. They close at 6:00 p.m. We'll have to tackle that for the next time.

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      • 2 septembre 2021

  4. Lutz - Berlin a fait une randonnée.

    18 août 2021

    Obi, Lausitzsonne et 84 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Lutz - Berlin

      The rain is pounding on the car roof. The noise is only interrupted by the interwall hissing of the wiper blades.I stand in the hiking car park in the village of Questenberg in the southern Harz region and fight with myself. Ultimately, I defeat the bastard in me and start my first Harz adventure since using Komoot. Coming from a work assignment in the direction of Fürth, the area of the district of Mansfeld-Südharz was closest to me.Anticipated once again at the end of a hike I was completely soaked through to my underwear. The shoes were full from above and every step creaked pathetically.Enough complained! The tour itself was beautiful. It went through dense deciduous forests, past fields beautifully situated in the undulating landscape and through small towns, each of which was worth seeing in itself. The paths were good to very good if the weather hadn't been quite so damp. The paths were often overgrown with tall grass, which was another wet addition.An excerpt from natura2000-lsa.de/front_content.php?idart=1314&idcat=58&lang=1 shows why this landscape is special:
      'In the NSG the entire treasure trove of forms of the gypsum karst landscape is present in an accumulation and varied form that is unique for the Federal Republic of Germany. You can find sinkholes, sinkholes, ponors, streams, karst springs, sunken karst waters, episodic lakes and breakthrough valleys.
      The karstified parts of the landscape are close to nature and in places untouched.
      In large areas, the landscape is shaped by heaps of the historical near-surface copper slate mining.
      The NSG has a special value thanks to the largest episodic gypsum karst lake in Central Germany. '

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      • 19 août 2021

  5. Lutz - Berlin a fait une randonnée.

    15 août 2021

    7,25 km
    3,4 km/h
    140 m
    130 m
    Franz, Anette et 82 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Lutz - Berlin

      Today I went for a walk to the Helfensteins with my wife and her friend. We drove from our hotel "Luisenmühle" in Mengeringhausen to a parking lot for hikers, from which we went directly to the alpine path in the area of Dörnberg and Helfensteine.
      But before we left the hotel, we were amazed. In the parking lot there were wonderfully well-groomed veterans who still do their job today, but now no longer in the field but only for driving out on the weekends, as the proud owners explained to us. I had to buy a few photos for this hike, even if they actually had nothing to do with her.
      Now I have already hiked a few kilometers through Northern Hesse, but I have not yet seen the landscape like that at the Helfensteinen there. Basalt and tufa form the subsoil here, the remains of a volcano that was active forever ago. People have always been drawn here. Finds show that they settled on this soil as early as 3,000 years before Christ. Further excavations suggest a castle that could have stood here in the 12th to 13th centuries.
      Whether the residents of that time were already drawn to the energy of this place of power? Even if you are not so mystical, the Helfensteine seem to affect you in different ways, because in addition to the enchanting and magical atmosphere they are also suitable for climbing and playing, sledding in winter and enjoying a fantastic view. Anyway, I was thrilled.
      A multitude of paths run through this area and the proximity to the Habichtswald also makes the area an Eldorado for hikers. You can even come here on foot from Kassel.

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      • 17 août 2021

  6. Lutz - Berlin a fait une randonnée.

    4 août 2021

    Fredchau, Rosefahrer et 81 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Lutz - Berlin

      Another foray through our capital based on the book "Berlin off the beaten track" by Mirko Moritz Kraetsch.The nucleus of Berlin is located directly on the Spree under the busy Mühlendamm Bridge and is really not a nice place for a photo, since it is teeming with sights in the surrounding area. But this is exactly where the trade routes from Halle, Leipzig and Wittenberg via Stettin to the Baltic and those from Breslau to Lübeck crossed at a Spreefurt.The tour started at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, not a particularly beautiful place, but it has history. The area around it is known as the "Scheunenviertel" because the barns that were used to store cattle feed were originally located here. After the city expanded, these deposits disappeared, but the name remained. However, this name was associated with a rather negative reputation, because many tenements were built here during industrialization, which became a social and criminal hotspot due to overpopulation.
      In 1931, two policemen were murdered here, at that time the square was still called Bülowplatz. One of the two perpetrators was Erich Mielke. From murderer to minister. What a career.
      And then there is the Karl Liebknecht House with its various owners and residents. First the KPD from 1926, then the SS from 1933 including renaming to Horst-Wessel-Haus, followed by the SED and currently the party Die Linke.
      We continue on Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse and Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse up to Alex. Before that, a detour to Rosenstrasse, where the oldest synagogue in Berlin stood, which was totally destroyed in bombing in 1942. Rosenstrasse also became famous through the women's protests in 1943, when they demonstrated for days for the freedom of their Jewish men.It continues to the Marx-Engels-Forum, a multi-part sculpture ensemble. In addition to the double stature of these two men, there are also marble reliefs, photo documentation on stainless steel plates and two bronze reliefs.Now past the Humboldtforum with a view of the Berlin Cathedral and after leaving the Fischerinsel to Schinkelplatz, from which you now have a beautiful view of the Berlin Palace. However, there is a lot of construction going on here and who knows how long this line of sight will last.The Foreign Office, the many new residential buildings worth seeing (the so-called townhouses all look very, very expensive) around this official building, the Bear Fountain, the Friedrichswerder Church and the Hausvogteiplatz are the next stops. There are more stories and anecdotes about everything, but they would blow the report here.In Mohrenstrasse (who knows how long it will be called), the Mohren Colonnades are worth seeing, facing each other on both sides of the street. They are remnants of a bridge over the moat built here at the time.Now I'm back at the Spree Canal and pass the Jungfernbrücke, the oldest bridge in Berlin. I cross the watercourse only on the lock bridge and head for the former GDR State Council building from 1964, into which the original Portal IV of the baroque palace facade was integrated.In the further course, Wallstrasse with its very interesting buildings is definitely worth mentioning. Especially the Spindlershof near the Spittelmarkt underground station, whose rough history is described by me in the highlight of the same name, and also the house No. 65, which Max Taut designed for the General German Trade Union Confederation.Finally, past the Alte Münze and the Tietz-Haus in Klosterstrasse to the last remnant of Berlin's medieval city wall.

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      • 5 août 2021

  7. Lutz - Berlin a fait une randonnée.

    29 juillet 2021

    Jupp🇨🇭Toggenburg, Anette et 87 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Lutz - Berlin

      Today we started the sixth and last stage of this year's long hike in Switzerland with sadness. After yesterday's weather-related cancellation of the 5th stage, everything was chic in the sky again today.
      After traveling by bus and train from Arvenbüel to Siebnen, it was about 5 kilometers on flat terrain. Inspired by this, we spontaneously decided to tackle today's tour a little more sportily 😀 also supported by the fact that I no longer felt the inclines and declines as much as on the first two stages.
      At the beginning we were accompanied by the Zurich and Obersee panorama. It's nice how the lakes presented themselves differently after each bend in the path. During our first rest on the Diebishüttli we enjoyed the view again to the full, before we continued to the highest point of today's route, the Stücklichrüz.
      It was a bit busier here than on our previous routes. You could tell that we were approaching Einsiedeln, an important pilgrimage site with a famous monastery on the Via Jacobi. From Meinrad, another important sacred place, the Jakobs- and Alpenpanoramaweg used the same route.
      The terrace of the Gasthaus Krone, our second rest stop, was accordingly full. We tourists from Switzerland, Austria and Germany had a lot of fun. Sayings, jokes and chants let it rip, the innkeepers in the middle 😂. It was almost overlooked that this was also a holy place, because Paracelsius was born around the corner at the Devil's Bridge, a large stone reminds of it.
      Now it was not far to Einsiedeln am Siehlsee, which now accompanied us as a panorama on our way.
      Einsiedeln itself is of course captivating with its huge monastery, which can be seen from far away.
      All in all, again a wonderful trip to Switzerland that we will remember for a long time, especially the requirements of the 4th stage.Here are the other stages:
      Stage 1: komoot.de/tour/430241897
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      Stage 3: komoot.de/tour/432590584
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      • 30 juillet 2021

  8. Lutz - Berlin a fait une randonnée.

    28 juillet 2021

    Franz, radelnder Reporter et 59 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Lutz - Berlin

      The view at 7:00 a.m. from the hotel window in Stein was sobering: Heavy rain!
      The view on the WetterApp was just as devastating: 80 - 100% probability of rain by evening!
      So we decided to test the famous Swiss public transport.
      The route from Stein to Amden was quickly found. First by bus from Stein to Watwill, then by train to Ziegelbrücke and then by bus to Amden. So change trains twice.
      The whole thing went smoothly, both buses run every half hour from early in the morning until late at night. The train leaves every quarter of an hour. Transfer times 5 minutes each. Perfect. Test passed 😀.
      From Amden we walked up to our hotel in Arvenbüel, which we could have easily reached by public transport. But we wanted to move at least a little.Towards evening the rain stopped and the forecast said the next day would be bright to cloudy with no precipitation. We'll see.Here are the other stages:
      Stage 1: komoot.de/tour/430241897
      Stage 2: komoot.de/tour/431699129
      Stage 3: komoot.de/tour/432590584
      Stage 4: komoot.de/tour/433670742
      Stage 6: komoot.de/tour/435632554

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      • 29 juillet 2021

  9. Lutz - Berlin a fait une randonnée.

    27 juillet 2021

    Franz, 🚵🥾🚴 Maggie 🚵🥾🚴 et 96 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Lutz - Berlin

      I know this tour would be Pillepalle for experienced alpine hikers or mountaineers, for us it was a real challenge.The actual 4th stage also goes from Schwägalp to the village of Stein, but at a lower level at a maximum of 1500 meters above sea level with a view of the Alpine panorama. But we wanted to get into the panorama and chose the descent from the Säntis. The route was marked in red on the hiking maps, i.e. mountain hiking trails (max. T3). A consultation with local people showed the feasibility, taking into account the pitfalls of the snow fields and under the condition of wearing proper footwear. And off it went.We left the first suspension railway cabin of the day in blue and white color (for us, of course, Hertha BSC) at 7:30 a.m. and took the next half an hour later, even if it was painted green and white (Werder Bremen, something for Burkhard ).Up on the Säntis we were speechless because of the magnificent all-round view. We know me, know that I publish rather few photos. Today was one of those days when I put everything that was in the attic here as well. Check it out after me. Maybe I'll reduce again when I have a little distance.At the mountain station you were once again expressly warned, then it went through a gruesome tunnel to increase the tension again and then it went steeply downhill with holding ropes right and left. When the slope calmed down a little, there was only one-sided safety, which disappeared completely after a distance of about 600 m and about 200 meters in altitude. These were the steepest passages on this tour, but in hindsight by far not the most dangerous or strenuous.The following route to the Tierwies hut at an altitude of about 2000m was a steep but decent mountain hiking trail with two sections of snowfields that were easy to master. We took a break at this mountain hut and were in good spirits that the most difficult part was behind us.The paths were now narrower, but were still neatly walkable up to the branch to the Silberplatten. We did not take the ascent to this mountain at this junction, but the descent towards Stein. And now it was getting adventurous. There was no way to go on the following route, only white and red markings that showed you the approximate route. Sometimes we had to climb over huge blocks of stone, cross steep snow fields, cross scree fields or walk down over them. We became richer in the experience that there are fresh and old scree fields. With the old ones the stones had settled and were accordingly easy to walk on. With the fresh, however, everything was in motion. We could only cross it in an almost sideways position; the best way to get down was on the bottom of our pants. There were free souvenirs on arms, legs, knees and elbows. Fortunately, we were able to leave the plaster onWhen we finally reached the long-awaited pass, we were delighted to see a walkable path. It was actually a path, but slippery as soap because of the many, many rains. More than once we slipped and ended up either in a match or in sheep droppings. Shepherds gave us the tip to descend directly over the steep sheep pasture. Knee-high tufts of grass and uneven floors due to the years of sheep breeding made this a festival of joints and ligaments, but after about 500 meters of altitude the spook was over and we headed for the Gräppelensee.Wonderful to finally see this lake. Partly it went down on asphalt, which we welcomed very much, which I would never have thought before that this would happen. But the feet were happy to finally be able to walk normally again after hours of exertion.The rest is quickly told. With the coming weather and the rumbling sky, we shortened the tour and walked to St. Johann, from where the bus took us to Stein.Here are the other stages:
      Stage 1: komoot.de/tour/430241897
      Stage 2: komoot.de/tour/431699129
      Stage 3: komoot.de/tour/432590584
      Stage 5: komoot.de/tour/435715576
      Stage 6: komoot.de/tour/435632554

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      • 28 juillet 2021

  10. Lutz - Berlin a fait une randonnée.

    26 juillet 2021

    Andrea M. 🥾📷🌞, MonacoTrail et 76 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Lutz - Berlin

      Time runs particularly fast on vacation, and the precision world champions from Switzerland can't do anything about that. At the end of today's stage it is half time again on our 6-day hike.This route brought us the last part to the foot of the Alpstein massif. Many fields, a few farms and forest paths later we reached the highlights of the tour: the Scheidegg inn, the Jakobus chapel and the Kronberg. The main attraction today, however, was the weather. The sky views changed almost every minute. From a bright blue sky to visibility under 50 meters, almost everything was there. We were only spared from rain on this day.The route itself was very pleasant to walk. The 1000 meters of altitude were divided into three climbs with nice long periods of rest in between.Here are the other stages:
      Stage 1: komoot.de/tour/430241897
      Stage 2: komoot.de/tour/431699129
      Stage 4: komoot.de/tour/433670742
      Stage 5: komoot.de/tour/435715576
      Stage 6: komoot.de/tour/435632554

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      • 27 juillet 2021

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