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Ich bin hauptsächlich unterwegs in Berlin und Brandenburg.Ich fahre ganzjährig bei jedem Wetter. Egal ob die Sonne scheint (auch gerne bei 35°C), es regnet, aus allen Kübeln gießt, es schneit (bei -15°C) und die Straßen verreißt sind. Hauptsächlich aus dem Antrieb heraus mich bewegen zu müssen. Dies versuche ich so weit wie möglich in den Alltag zu verlegen und mit dem Alltag zu verknüpfen.Trotzdem ich Zeit meines Lebens in Berlin verbracht habe, finde ich immer noch endlegende Ecken, verborgene Orte und besondere Stellen die es gilt eindeckt zu werden. Komoot hilft mir diese für alle fest zu halten.Darüber hinaus lade ich als Tourleiter auch immer wieder gerne zu meinen Touren durch Berlin und die Mark Brandenburg ein. Radtouren unternehme ich gerne alleine, zu zweit oder mit bis zu 250.000 Teilnehmern.Oft bin ich auf der Critical-Mass-Berlin (siehe: critical-mass-berlin.de) anzutreffen.Oder auch als Ordner bei der Sternfahrt des ADFC:


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  1. Ducky a fait une sortie à vélo.

    3 jours environ

    73,7 km
    21,5 km/h
    560 m
    580 m
    radelnder Reporter, Lausitzsonne et 51 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Ducky

      This time, my after-work lap at 17.3 ° C went from my standard starting point, Zoological Garden, across the city via Mehrow to Altlandsberg.Along villages and fields. One or the other tractor was also in sight this time.And the sun was there again. At least that way I get a little exercise now and then.A perfect day.

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      • 3 jours environ

  2. Ducky a fait une sortie à vélo.

    25 février 2021

    75,9 km
    21,3 km/h
    550 m
    530 m
    Manu, RadlerJan et 90 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Ducky

      Again I was able to gild my evening:Today was, with 21.4 ° C, a felt summer day, even if it would actually need 25 ° C to be able to call the day a real summer day. As always measured while driving.But hey, it's FEBRUARY! I can't remember ever having seen temperatures like this this month.The only thing that corresponds to the season are the partly still frozen lakes at over 20 ° C.So it went first along the Havel and the Havel Canal.It continues into the village. Schönwalde, Falkenhagen, Finkenkrug, and further to the Elstal.The former Olympic Village from 1936 is also hidden here. Unfortunately, the area is largely fenced. Still, I caught a glimpse.We continue along fields and arable land.Finally the city comes closer again and end the day satisfied and happy. It really felt like summer for the first time. And that at the end of February.

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      • 25 février 2021

  3. Ducky a fait une sortie à vélo.

    23 février 2021

    66,3 km
    19,0 km/h
    510 m
    520 m
    Havelbiker, Jorge Reyes et 59 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Ducky

      At a sunny 18.4 ° C (measured on the bike) the sun gave it all today.In my eyes, today is somehow memorable. I can't remember February 23rd when temperatures went up that high. Cycling without a jacket in February. Or even better: being able to start the first real tour at all. I usually start my first smaller tours in April.18.4 ° C and many lakes are still frozen.But be careful: If you want to go on the ice, you should be a duck, as the pictures show.So at the end of the day we went from the Zoological Garden along the Landwehr Canal (largely) car-free through Berlin and out of Berlin.It went on the trail of the Tegler Moors, with a short detour to the Oberhavel to Schildow.Since this route also led almost exclusively on paved paths (also through the middle of the forest passages), I didn't "look into" myself this time. However, the few pure paved paths were still well "moistened".All in all, it was a great day that I could use (after work).

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      • 23 février 2021

  4. Ducky a fait une sortie à vélo.

    20 février 2021

    59,6 km
    17,2 km/h
    430 m
    430 m
    Havelbiker, Lausitzsonne et 81 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Ducky

      Goodbye winter, juhuu spring.At a spring-like 14.4 ° C (measured while driving) the zoological garden was (largely) car-free through Berlin.I deliberately chose this moderate route because I didn't know what the state of the forests is like after this winter.My premonition proved me right. All of the forest paths resembled a fencing biotope, so this time I got pretty confused.In the end, I had to drive at a slow pace for many sections.Otherwise I was happy to finally be able to drive a little further out. Now only the forests have to "recover" from winter.

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      • 20 février 2021

  5. Ducky a fait une sortie à vélo.

    14 février 2021

    35,2 km
    15,5 km/h
    250 m
    250 m
    Uwe, Havelbiker et 45 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Ducky

      In bright winter weather with a freezing -3.5 ° C, I didn't want to let the weather pass me by without being used.So I set out to take a closer look at Kronprinzenweg.These pictures also have a certain rarity value, as winter has not had us in its "pincers" for a very long time.In this way I was able to use my winter tires properly again. As expected, there wasn't much going on there. And so I had this passage largely to myself.Regardless of this, caution is always advised on such passages. A race track just looks different.

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      • 14 février 2021

  6. Ducky a fait une sortie à vélo.

    7 février 2021

    16,1 km
    11,7 km/h
    140 m
    130 m
    Heike, Lausitzsonne et 56 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Ducky

      Winter has finally arrived in Berlin too. And he'll stay for at least the coming week. So at -6 ° C I went on a little lap towards Tempelhofer Feld.Polar storm? What nonsense. More like a mild breeze, I thought to myself.I wanted to know and went to the Tempelhofer Feld. On the way there, I actually met the first people with cross-country skis. And that in Berlin.The real force of the storm when it blows unchecked can be seen here:Positive: One or the other took advantage of the storm and let a kite fly.Originally I wanted to do a little lap, but in the end I decided to turn back because otherwise the storm would have knocked me over easily. Usually a storm is not an obstacle for me. Storm and ice surface with snow is in the end (despite spike tires) a mixture that is not without danger. At least I was surprised by the intensity of the storm there because there is little of it in the city.One or the other family could be seen sledding on the Kreuzberg.All in all, the weather still has a feeling of rarity that I just want to hold onto.

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      • 7 février 2021

  7. Ducky a fait une sortie à vélo.

    5 février 2021

    1. Ducky

      Due to an emergency, I had to go out at night. On the way back, I took a few snapshots of the fresh snow. You never know how long the splendor will last this time!

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      • 6 février 2021

  8. Ducky a fait une sortie à vélo.

    31 janvier 2021

    14,1 km
    13,4 km/h
    80 m
    100 m
    1. Ducky

      After yesterday's snowfall, the sun followed today, which we have missed so much in the past few weeks. This showed itself from the best side.So I used today (at -1.2 ° C) for a short trip into the countryside to get some fresh air and sun.

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      • 31 janvier 2021

  9. Ducky a fait une sortie à vélo.

    18 janvier 2021

    17,0 km
    16,2 km/h
    240 m
    200 m
    Markus, Haibike et 37 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Ducky

      I usually don't publish my everyday routes through Berlin here. Only today was a special day. Snow that stayed there once. At least for a couple of hours.And so today I went on a short tour to the ophthalmologist (routine).You still had to look for the snow. At least in the city center (City-West). I found what I was looking for in the Tiergarten and on the Spree.By the way: the mask I wear is against the low temperatures. Still -1.8C. It's not really cold. However, this year it was the coldest thing I've seen on the bike so far. So I played it safe.Let's see what else winter will bring.

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      • 18 janvier 2021

  10. Ducky a fait une sortie à vélo.

    5 décembre 2020

    Cora, blackcharly et 54 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Ducky

      Spontaneously today I met blackcharly for a little cozy round through Berlin.Due to the corona situation, we wanted to get our own picture of how much Christmas 🎅 really still exists in Berlin. And yes, it has actually been reduced drastically, but it is there.From the main station it goes through the zoo towards Schöneberg to Kreuzberg. The turning point is the Oberbaumbrücke and then down through the middle. We enjoy the car-free ⛔ Friedrichstrasse for a few meters. There are indeed traces of Christmas here.The usual large Christmas tree stands at the Brandenburg Gate. upright
      Then again through the zoo to Breitscheidplatz. I use the few stalls to buy a few roasted almonds and take a spontaneous photo of the Christmas tree there.
      Christmas is rare this year. The most important thing, however, was that we had fun.and back to the main train station.

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      • 5 décembre 2020

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