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Gehe gerne wandern in Thüringen und den angrenzenden Regionen.


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  1. Thomas aus EF a fait une randonnée.

    il y a 9 heures environ

    24,8 km
    5,1 km/h
    500 m
    440 m
    Cori, Endlos♾🦅 et 81 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Thomas aus EF

      Overall, I found this stage to be rather average, as after Giechburg and Gügel you have to fight your way through some unspectacular sections. Towards the end, something becomes more interesting again from the Leinleitertal, especially since you can still drink a delicious special beer from the Aichinger brewery in Heiligenstadt.

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      • il y a 9 heures environ

  2. Thomas aus EF a fait une randonnée.

    2 jours environ

    cabi, Erik W et 107 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Thomas aus EF

      Tour template: oberhof.de/Oberhof-Erleben/Wandern/Wandern-rund-um-Oberhof/mittelschwere-Touren/Zum-Veilchenbrunnen
      I found the last lap for today very appealing because of the Schützenbergmoor and the very nice section of the path from the Veilchenbrunnenbaude back to Oberhof, which is also marked as the Rhön-Rennsteig-Weg.

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      • 2 jours environ

  3. Thomas aus EF a fait une randonnée.

    2 jours environ

    Belinda Schönstein, Paul et 103 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Thomas aus EF

      Tour template: oberhof.de/Oberhof-Erleben/Wandern/Wandern-rund-um-Oberhof/mittelschwere-Touren/Zur-Luetschetalsperre
      The tour didn't really convince me, as it was already heavy on the forest motorway. But the game goulash in the “Kauzeneck” inn was all the better.

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      • 2 jours environ

  4. Thomas aus EF a fait une randonnée.

    2 jours environ

    cabi, Karen 🥾🚴‍♀️⛷️⛵ et 103 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Thomas aus EF

      Tour template: oberhof.de/Oberhof-Erleben/Wandern/Wandern-rund-um-Oberhof/mittelschwere-Touren/Zum-Ausgebrannten-Stein
      Today is Oberhof day for me. Off we went to the Burned Stone and to the High Stone. Quite a nice view from there to the Schneekopf.
      Of the 3 tours I did today, it was the best.

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      • 2 jours environ

  5. Peter W. J, Aurelia et 117 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Thomas aus EF

      Since I worked too long yesterday, I finished work early today and drove to Oberhof. Then I noticed that after 6 p.m. only call buses leave there. Then I hurriedly planned a long hike to Graefenroda, where the RE drives home shortly before 10 am. All in all again a nice after-work tour, whereby it is quite a stretch through Graefenroda.

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      • 4 jours environ

  6. Thomas aus EF a fait une randonnée.

    6 jours environ

    Matze, Liebenthal et 102 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Thomas aus EF

      Finally back to the beer garden with the typical Italian staff. 😉

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      • 6 jours environ

  7. Jan Verbücheln 🤠, Stanley01705 et 134 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Thomas aus EF

      The second stage followed immediately after the first. Overall, I found it more interesting in terms of hiking through the forest sections in the Wuhlheide and between Köpenick and Grünau. The Waldkater had delicious seasoned meat and České pivo.🍺
      Here is Liebenthal's recording: komoot.de/tour/391578348

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      • 13 juin 2021

  8. Frank Skibbe, Alwin et 130 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Thomas aus EF

      Today we went to Berlin again to hike the first stage of the Paul-Gerhardt-Weg. I was accompanied by Liebenthal. Here is his recording: komoot.de/tour/391123273
      Due to the many highlights it is a very interesting stage, where you are sometimes led through less known corners. The Görlitzer Park was halfway bearable at the time we roamed through this area and I found the memorial in Treptower Park quite impressive, even if the lighting conditions were unfavorable.

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      • 13 juin 2021

  9. Thomas aus EF et 10 membres ont planifié une randonnée.

    12 juin 2021

    Bonnie24, Stanley01705 et 30 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Thomas aus EF

      Here is the invitation to the stages I have planned on the Germany-wide relay hike, as everything was probably not clear yesterday.Brief key data for the entire season:
      July 16 until July 18, 2021
      - 159 stages
      - over 3400 km
      - over 53,000 hm
      Here are the two doodle surveys again:
      E053 - E067:
      E084 - E106:
      It would be great to have all of the stages occupied.
      Since the doodle surveys only contain the numbers, here are the complete stages of my area:
      E053 "MitWandern 2021": Bad Muskau - Nochten
      E054 "MitWandern 2021": Nochten - Mücka
      E055 "MitWandern 2021": Mücka - Niesky
      E056 "MitWandern 2021": Niesky - Reichenbach / Oberlausitz
      E057 "MitWandern 2021": Reichenbach / Oberlausitz - Löbau
      E058 "MitWandern 2021": Löbau - Schirgiswalde
      E059 "MitWandern 2021": Schirgiswalde - Neukirch
      E060 "MitWandern 2021": Neukirch - Sebnitz
      E061 "MitWandern 2021": Sebnitz - Hinterhermsdorf
      E062 "MitWandern 2021": Hinterhermsdorf - Schmilka
      E063 "MitWandern 2021": Schmilka - Altendorf
      E064 "MitWandern 2021": Altendorf - Kurort Rathen
      E065 "MitWandern 2021": Kurort Rathen - Rosenthal
      E066 "MitWandern 2021": From Rosenthal to Augustusberg
      E067 "MitWandern 2021": From Augustusberg to Geising
      E084 "MitWandern 2021": Blankenstein - Steinbach am Wald
      E085 "MitWandern 2021": Steinbach am Wald - Neuhaus am Rennweg
      E086 "MitWandern 2021": Neuhaus am Rennweg - Eisfeld
      E087 "MitWandern 2021": Eisfeld - Hildburghausen
      komoot.de/tour/378233700 (komoot.de/user/777315475637)
      E088 "MitWandern 2021": Hildburghausen - Vachdorf
      E089 "MitWandern 2021": Vachdorf - Meiningen
      komoot.de/tour/378271660 (komoot.de/user/43959759655)
      E090 "MitWandern 2021": Meiningen - Mellrichstadt
      E091 "MitWandern 2021": Mellrichstadt - Schönau an der Brend
      E092 "MitWandern 2021": Schönau an der Brend - Oberweißbrunn
      E093 "MitWandern 2021": Oberweißbrunn - Gersfeld
      E094 "MitWandern 2021": Gersfeld - Milseburg
      E095 "MitWandern 2021": Milseburg - Fulda
      E096 "MitWandern 2021": Fulda - Bad Salzschlirf
      E097 "MitWandern 2021": Bad Salzschlirf - Lauterbach
      E098 "MitWandern 2021": Lauterbach - Alsfeld
      E099 "MitWandern 2021": Alsfeld - Ehringshausen
      E100 "MitWandern 2021": Ehringshausen - Nieder-Ohmen
      E101 "MitWandern 2021": Nieder-Ohmen - Grünberg
      E102 "MitWandern 2021": Grünberg - Gießen
      E103 "MitWandern 2021": Giessen - Albshausen
      E104 "MitWandern 2021": Albshausen - Weilburg
      E105 "MitWandern 2021": Weilburg - Aumenau
      E106 "MitWandern 2021": Aumenau - Limburg an der Lahn
      Here is the entire collection:

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      • 12 juin 2021

  10. Thomas aus EF a fait une randonnée.

    12 juin 2021

    Murmel, Belinda Schönstein et 132 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Thomas aus EF

      In a small group I went through a hiking area that was still completely unknown to me, near Stadtroda. The tour mostly went through deserted forests, in which one could very often observe game and its tracks. Sometimes very natural trails were used, so it was never boring. The highlights were springs and many fish ponds to discover.
      All in all, a tour that whets the appetite to explore the surrounding area on marked tours.

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      • 12 juin 2021

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