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  1. Petra a fait une randonnée.

    7 jours environ

    21,5 km
    4,8 km/h
    950 m
    770 m
    Silvia Strinitz, Roko et 74 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Petra

      Walked up early from the Staufen Süd train station to St. Barbara, as always with the best view, and continued on a beautiful path up to the Etzenbacher Höhe with the next view of the Belchen and Hohen Kelch.
      Once this climb is done, there is a nice up and down with slightly increasing meters in altitude on wonderful paths and paths. Again and again there was a view of the Belchen, towards the Spielweg and Wiedener Eck.
      Was a bit worried about the increasing heat, but it was unfounded, the higher I got, the fresher the air became. Also most of the paths are in the shade, it was fine today.
      Above the Kohlerhof then the next great view towards Schauinsland, Münstertal and on the other side towards Kaiserstuhl and Vosges. I was able to enjoy this great view with two hikers who happened to live less than two hundred meters as the crow flies from me 😊.
      Up to Gießhübel we went up again vigorously, (Gieshübelstrasse is currently closed due to tree felling) then the descent to Holzschlägermatte began and from there down a wonderful single path, which I still didn't know, almost to the valley station.

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      • 7 jours environ

  2. Petra a fait une randonnée.

    11 juin 2021

    13,6 km
    4,0 km/h
    580 m
    600 m
    Marko, Volker et 73 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Petra

      The circuit of the Kybfelsen began on the already well-known wonderful zigzag path. At pleasant early temperatures, the path in the shadow of the Kybfelsen climbs steadily from 440 to 770 m. After a short distance, the branch to the Eichkopf was blocked by several trees, so down to the already visible parallel path. From there on, the path was more marked by wild boars than by hikers. For a short while I walked the path that Nick 22 did NOT recommend (I can only agree with his opinion 😉), because it was quite overgrown and with small climbing areas Forest path then ran along the Kappler Kleintal, every now and then beautiful views of the Hinterwaldkopf, Kirchzarten and Wagensteig, but otherwise without interesting interruptions.
      The beautiful part of the way back began at about 8.5 km. A great single path ran for four kilometers without much altitude to the Sankt Valentin forest restaurant and from there a short path on asphalt brought me back to the hiking car park.
      I am currently at war with the middle parts of my tours, but 😊 are always interesting

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      • 11 juin 2021

  3. Petra a fait une randonnée.

    3 juin 2021

    16,0 km
    5,0 km/h
    600 m
    600 m
    Peter53, caglu et 84 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Petra

      Let's go on a beautiful path the first 400 meters of climbing up to the Kapfhütte. With a great view to the west, you can enjoy the view in front of the hut at the barbecue area. Alternating on wide beautiful forest paths and narrow paths, you go without much height to the Fenzlingbank with the next Nice view of the Elzal. After that there was a wide path that was good to walk but not particularly interesting, so I decided to take a short shortcut across the forest on an unmapped path - its end at a tributary to the Elz was not really surprising .😉So again a bit downhill through the forest to the next path - easy to do.
      The beautiful flowers, butterflies and beetles along the way made the last descent interesting. ;-)
      Again on the well-known great path along the babbling Elz we went back to Oberprechtal, just in time before the fellow hikers became too numerous.

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      • 3 juin 2021

  4. Matthias Brandt et 2 membres ont fait une randonnée.

    31 mai 2021

    19,7 km
    4,4 km/h
    960 m
    940 m
    Christoph Schwarzenbrunner, H.silvia et 194 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Matthias Brandt

      This time it was back to the Black Forest. Petra took us to Freiburg's local mountain, the Schauinsland, in her home region. It was a very nice round with a very pleasant company. It was a lot of fun. Thank you dear Petra for the nice day. You can find detailed directions at komoot.de/tour/380910128.

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      • 31 mai 2021

  5. Petra et 2 membres ont fait une randonnée.

    31 mai 2021

    19,7 km
    3,8 km/h
    940 m
    920 m
    Walkleader 🌻, Jacqueline et 177 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Petra

      First of all, a big thank you to Matthias for inviting me to join us on a tour today. We walked the first ascent on the Kybfelsensteig to Sohlacker, where we decided to take a detour to the Kybfelsen with its beautiful view down to Freiburg, the Schönberg and the Kaiserstuhl .
      Back at Sohlacker, we went steadily upwards towards our destination, the Schauinsland tower, at the beginning with a moderate incline, the last ascent was then a bit steeper. After a snack and the great all-round view from the tower, the descent began, which led us towards the end below the Schauinsland cable car Zigzag brought back to the valley station on a beautiful path.
      I was very happy to be able to run this tour in such pleasant company with Matthias and Annett, gladly again 🙋‍♀️

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      • 31 mai 2021

  6. Petra et schaun ma mal ont fait une randonnée.

    28 mai 2021

    10,3 km
    4,2 km/h
    400 m
    400 m
    christian, steffend et 75 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Petra

      Always wanted to climb the Hochfirst, so started today at the train station in Neustadt and after a short stretch caught a wonderful path that even went up to the Hochfirst summit. Shortly before the summit there was a stunning view down to the Titisee and in the background Still snow-spotted Feldberg.At the summit there is a starting point for paragliders, who can be comfortably watched while preparing and jumping, the view down to the Titisee, to the left of the Feldberg and to the right to the Weißtannenhöhe is simply awesome.
      Without a big difference in altitude, we continue a good two kilometers on a wide path through beautiful coniferous forest, unfortunately again on a partly badly prepared forest path.
      When I arrived at the birds stone, a large rock with a ladder, I tried to understand the naming, but I did not succeed 😉- not a bird to be seen far and wide 😄
      The way back was again a varied, soft, beautiful path until shortly before Neustadt - it was a nice, comfortable round.

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      • 28 mai 2021

  7. Petra et Enkelchen ont fait une randonnée.

    22 mai 2021

    4,68 km
    3,3 km/h
    150 m
    150 m
    Südschwede, Hanne et 81 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Petra

      Perfect tour for a grandchildren's hike, with “the coolest hike”, Barbara's recommendation was commented by the grandson today, LG to Barbara 🙋‍♀️.
      The giant bridge, the roaring brook with the small and large waterfalls, bridges and stairs made the tour a single highlight.
      After a delicious snack, finally with some sun, we went back just in time before the migration of peoples began, which we just escaped 😉

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      • 22 mai 2021

  8. Petra et Hannah ont fait une randonnée.

    21 mai 2021

    8,68 km
    4,6 km/h
    320 m
    320 m
    Bernhard Neumayer, Hannes et 74 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Petra

      Today I dared a small but nice round with Hannah to the castle ruins of Lützelhard (rain forecast from 1 p.m.)
      A great, narrow path takes us up very quickly, we quickly have a very nice view of Seelbach and also work up a sweat quite quickly on a rather crisp ascent
      When we arrived at the top, we were initially disappointed that there was only one floor plan of the former castle, until we noticed that the ruin could only be found around the next corner 🙈😄
      There are interesting remains of castles to see and when the weather is nicer, it is also a nice place to linger.
      On the way back it started to drizzle, so we shortened the tour and unplanned caught a very beautiful path that brought us back to Seelbach just before the real rain.

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      • 21 mai 2021

  9. Petra a fait une randonnée.

    15 mai 2021

    16,8 km
    4,5 km/h
    820 m
    820 m
    Heiko, Hanne et 89 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Petra

      I have planned the serpentine path up towards Wolfsgrubenkapf for a long time. Started in Simonswald on the Panoramaweg, but only briefly, then went straight up to the top for a wonderful view of Haslachsimonswald and behind it the entire summit tour including the Höll- u.Schultiskopf Look.
      Then the path ran parallel to the Ettersbach into the valley, until the rather steep ascent to the serpentine began at the 4th kilometer. Some of them were slightly overgrown, sometimes rocky, the serpentines began with steep inclines after crossing a stream. Sometimes you had to look carefully where It goes on, but then recognizable - after an hour and two stony, sometimes needle-like kilometers, sometimes required for climbing, a relaxing wide path was reached. Barely recovered, we went to the last crisp ascent to the highest point of the tour towards Herzhütte On the three kilometers of the Herzweg, the only warm end was at the hut, not a bad path, but it was a bit drawn out. A beautiful view of the Ettersbachertal was revealed and almost every bend a brook that covered in moss Stones and branches rustled.
      From the Herzhütte down into the valley, the Jägerweg began, followed by the beautiful Jägerpfad, which always inspires me.

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      • 15 mai 2021

  10. Markus et Petra ont fait une randonnée.

    13 mai 2021

    18,4 km
    4,2 km/h
    770 m
    790 m
    Christian, WolfG *FR et 66 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Markus

      Today I was allowed to accompany Petra, thank you very much for the great tour! Climbed the heights at Steinwasenpark, always on beautiful paths and now and then off-road. Then further towards Schauinsland, but left it on the left and circled the Hundsrücke to the east on again dreamlike paths that I only knew in winter and from the opposite direction. Then descent past the Rappenecker Hof in the direction of Oberried, but then stopped further south and closed the loop on the Wilhelmitenpfad. The culinary impressions were not neglected today with wild garlic blossoms, ribwort, bearwort and cuckoo herb.

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      • 13 mai 2021

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