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"Das Glück ist ein Gespinst aus 1000 Fäden, selbst muss der Mensch es täglich weben..."
Meine Aktivitäten sind im Bereich Mountainbike/E-Mountainbike, Cross-Country, Inlinern, Wandern und Spazieren sowie Klettersteige... und ich tanze gern.


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      "Vouloir voir les saisons changer est une attitude plus heureuse que d'être désespérément amoureux du printemps." (George Santayana)Le mois de septembre hésitant arrive, s'étendant à travers le pays, couvrant les prairies de fils d'argent, colorant les pointes des feuilles des arbres et inaugurant ainsi l'automne pièce par pièce. Timide comme il est, il procède avec beaucoup de prudence. Il hésite à susciter le ressentiment des gens car il remplace l'été et lance l'automne. Mais j'aime le changement de l'été à l'automne. "Chaque saison est le début d'un miracle." (Beat Jan) Et quel meilleur endroit pour observer ce changement de saison et la fin de l'été indien que dans les forêts de feuillus de Thuringe ?! Alors ce matin, nous sommes allés à la Wartburg et aux sentiers forestiers environnants.
      Le soleil s'est même montré sur la Wartburg, de sorte que l'on pouvait laisser son regard se promener merveilleusement au loin. L'agitation du tourisme a également été maintenue dans des limites. Le Wartburg lui-même est impressionnant. Il serait merveilleusement restauré et vous transporterait dans un autre temps. Attendez juste que Luther regarde par la fenêtre.
      La vue était à couper le souffle. J'ai hâte que les forêts soient entièrement recouvertes de leur robe automnale.
      La randonnée allait de la Wartburg sur le Lutherweg au Rennsteig. Ici, les chemins étaient merveilleusement développés. Du Clausberg en passant par le Rabenstein jusqu'au Federkopf, les chemins étaient souvent envahis par la végétation. À la fin, il a remonté le Mädelberg jusqu'à la Wartburg sur un sentier de descente. Les sentiers individuels sont difficiles à trouver ici, la seule orientation était donc le sentier. Vous devez absolument faire attention ici afin de ne gêner aucun motard.
      Au cours de la tournée, le ciel s'était aspiré. Mais cela n'enlève rien au paysage. Encore et encore, vous avez eu une vue magnifique sur la Wartburg pendant la randonnée circulaire. C'était calme dans les bois, les premiers signes de l'automne étaient dans l'air et les températures étaient agréables. Afin de rendre l'idylle parfaite, un cerf s'est présenté timidement dans le fourré.
      Heureusement, mon bas droit a eu un trou dans la semelle pendant la tournée qui a commencé à frotter, sinon cette randonnée idyllique qui se méfiait du film de Disney aurait suscité mon scepticisme. ??

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    21 août 2021

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      “Once the bee disappears from the earth, humans only have four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more people. ”(Albert Einstein)Today is the national honey bee day - and one should definitely celebrate such a day. Because the honey bee is an important cog in the world transmission. If the bees are fine, we are fine.
      So today in the morning we started by bike, through the meadow landscape around the Drei Gleichen, to Molsdorf Castle. The route offered both mountains with trail routes and flat bike paths along the meadows between the Drei Gleichen. In general, there are many bike paths, single trails and agricultural roads in the area, which can sometimes lead to confusion - precisely because Komoot has marked paths that no longer exist in real life.
      The early morning tour was worth it just because of the cloud formations and the breaking sun. In connection with the haze that was drawn from the meadows, the landscape was wrapped in a late summer, glowing dress. The air was not yet heated and instead filled with the scent of the meadows moistened with the morning dew. However, this changed abruptly shortly before Molsdorf, when the motorway and rail line were crossed. The area is filled with a rather disgusting rubber smell, reminiscent of a tire depot or burnt rubber. I immediately got the picture of the burning pile of tires from the series "The Simpsons" in my head. It's terrifying how far the smell spreads. On the way back I got another smell experience - but this time of a pleasant kind. On the single trail along the Apfelstädt it smelled extremely of glandular balsam. The air was filled with that intense scent. Irritatingly, however, I never got to see the herb. Only at the end of the trail do I discover the plants at the water's edge.
      The bees weren't very active this early in the morning. But as hard-working as they are, they should also sleep in.

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      • 21 août 2021

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    14 août 2021

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      "I love forests. Everything there is full of life and at the same time so quiet and untouched." (Unknown)What do you do on a beautiful sunny Saturday like this one? Do you go to the Getting Tough in Oberhof? Neeeeeeee! It is better to pay a visit to the Falkenstein again, but this time coming from the other direction. And so it went today with the best weather from Oberschönau to the Hohen Möst and the Falkenstein.
      Apparently everyone else was getting tough because the forest was remarkably calm. There weren't many other outdoor enthusiasts out and about. But as Otto Weiß said: "The many trees and the few people - they make the forest so beautiful."
      At the beginning a narrow, steep meandering path went up to the Hohe Möst. Again and again one came to small clearings from which a wonderful view could be enjoyed. Thanks to the clear blue sky, you could see astonishingly far. The grass was still wet because of yesterday evening and the meadows were decorated with spider webs in an Indian summer. When you arrived at the Hohe Möst, you were rewarded with a wonderful foresight. The sky shone wonderfully blue, the forests shone green. However, there were also some bald spots in this green, which showed that the forest was doing well this year.
      From the Hohe Möst it went to the Falkenstein. There were two sections of the path that really clogged the hiking boots with moisture and mud. The trails had once been hiking trails, but now only seemed to be used occasionally by a harvester. At the Falkenstein, enthusiastic climbers were already pursuing their hobby. I thought several times someone was calling me, until it turned out that the climbers were shouting something to each other. At the mountain rescue service there was first a break for the soaked shoes. But finally the way back was started. It went back up to the Rennsteig and back up to Oberschönau. On the way to Oberschönau we went again on a path that was actually impassable because the forest had felled trees on the slope, which were now downhill across the path. But to turn back would have been too idle. That is why they fought their way over and under the trees lying across. In the end everything went well and the car was already waiting.
      All in all, it was a nice tour, but I wouldn't recommend it in this form unless you have a preference for adventurous trails. The advantage of these paths is that you get a little closer to nature, as the forest fully unfolds its wildness on these routes. It exudes its intense scents of moss and resin, it shows its scree and its wild, overgrown meadows as well as its marshy soil and in these sections you can hear the game rustling close by in the bushes.

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      • 14 août 2021

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    7 août 2021

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      "That's life and that's how you have to take it, brave, undaunted and smiling - in spite of everything." (Rosa Luxemburg)Bob Marley once said, "The best curve on a woman's body is her smile." If that is the case, then I was on the bend today. 😂May the world around you may be so grumpy, that couldn't affect me today. Since Hulk took me to work and home all week and his electric motor should take a breather, he was increasingly driven in bio Bruce banner mode again today. After watching the sun wake up with the inline skates this morning, after breakfast we went to the Spießberghaus in the Thuringian Forest with beautiful music in one ear. The most beautiful wildflowers of the summer appeared on this route: bluebells, tansy, sweet peas, bindweed, raspberry and blackberry bushes, lavender and various thistles. The most beautiful butterflies romped about in them, but none of them were patient enough to be photographed. Other insects, like the little mimicrys, were much more patient. And a herd of cattle was also in very good spirits. These faithful-looking animals alone brought a smile to my face. The forest was filled with the scent of summer. On the heights, the ground was warmed by the sun and carried up the scent of the flowers. But already around the next bend it was suddenly shady and cool again, so that you could smell the scent of resin, damp earth and moss. It was just delightful.
      Since the goal was to ride the Rennsteig loop, it went from the Spießberghaus to the Heuberghaus. Some people romped about here, many of whom did not want to show their "curves". One more reason to shine with my curve. Today nobody could take my joy away from me. And so after a long driveway we went downhill into the Lauchagrund - with a short stop at the smiling stone. The stone face grinned at me and reflected my enthusiasm. 😅
      Back we went past Struwwelpeter-Park and the Marienglashöhle to Wipperoda, to get home from there through the forest and the wonderful grain fields. In addition to the grain, the corn is also sprouting. Fascinating how high the maize plants stand. It's really nice to imagine playing tag in it. The catcher in the maize instead of "the catcher in the rye". 😉

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      • 7 août 2021

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    31 juillet 2021

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      “Flowers are the beautiful words and hieroglyphs of nature, with which she indicates to us how much she loves us! " (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)After the sunrise was already on the bike this morning, a tour to the Federal Garden Show in Erfurt followed after a breakfast.
      The start was at the West car park at the Erfurt Exhibition Center, as the fees there were only € 5 instead of € 8 as at the East car park. After a short walk you came to the egapark-Erfurt. Admission was very quick (thanks to the Luca app and fast cash register system), so that you could quickly get to the flower paradise. It is said that sometimes flowers say more than a thousand words. And it's true! The variety of flowers, color intensity and splendor of colors as well as the wild bustle of insects were simply breathtaking and could not be put into words. The egapark shines independently of the BUGA with its wonderful gardens, flower beds, meadows, greenhouses and exhibitions. But a lot has happened again here thanks to the BUGA. I couldn't get enough of it and had to hold back with pictures. It is fascinating what different types of plants and colors nature has to offer. At this point, I would like to praise the many gardeners who take such devoted care of the plants. The insects enjoy this abundant range of plants and enjoy working on the flowers.
      Areas such as the Danakil and the observation tower were left out due to the large number of visitors and the long queue (for the Danakil you have to register online in advance anyway).
      After the egapark we went downtown to Petersberg Erfurt am Domplatz. I was pleasantly surprised at what the BUGA has done. The exhibition on the paradisiacal gardens is fascinating and the outdoor area was also beautifully designed. You had a great view of the city. There was musical entertainment and many attractions for young and old, such as the three slides to Petersbergstraße, the playgrounds, youth driver training facilities, etc. The Cathedral Stage Festival is currently taking place on the Domplatz, which is an attraction in itself.
      Both in the egapark and on the Petersberg there were numerous snack and beverage stands - whether coffee, ice cream, grilled food, cakes, cool drinks ... physical well-being is taken care of. There are also plenty of chill areas in both places. There are hammocks, deck chairs, cushions and much more to relax and take in the flora. The many culinary and relaxation offers are also necessary with the masses of people. Because, you have to be very clear, the BUGA is well attended and especially on weekends there are crowds here. But especially after the long corona lockdown, Erfurt and the surrounding area are granted. After a walk to Theaterplatz, we went back to the car and to Gotha. There the orangery was paid a visit, but this is no longer recorded here on the tour map. But the photo evidence was deposited. 😉
      It was a very nice day in a wonderful scenic area that can only be recommended.

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      • 1 août 2021

  6. Annafarina 🦝 a fait du VTT.

    25 juillet 2021

    1. Annafarina 🦝

      "I think that friendliness and helpfulness towards fellow human beings (and towards fellow creatures in general) is the only essential moral content of religions and at the same time the only possible basis for a satisfactory existence from a social point of view." (Albert Einstein)After the somewhat catastrophic tour of yesterday, today we bet on safety. A region was chosen that I know a little better about. The tour led from Georgenthal along the ruins of the Cistercian monastery into the forest to Oberhof. From there it went back over the Ohratalsperre and Wechmacher hut.
      At first, the sun hid behind a blanket of clouds that resembled a dirty cotton wool carpet. It seemed like the sun didn't want to show itself. But that was actually quite pleasant, because today the plan was to use the Hulk engine as rarely as possible, but instead to drive in bio mode. The overcast sky ensured that there was a slight coolness in the air. It was pleasantly quiet in the forest. At one point a path opened up that was a bit overgrown upwards. For this you were rewarded with a wonderful view of Oberhof. You could see the Ahorn Panorama Hotel and the ski jump. However, the path was actually not intended for the bike, because it was extremely steep downhill on a path that was washed out and provided with gravel and stones. First there were deep crevices to the left and right that narrowed the path, and at the end there was a transverse crevice that could not have been traversed. Well, if you love your bike, you push it. Back in the saddle, the path led to Oberhof. This is where the sun finally showed up. A visit was made to the biathlon shooting range, the Oberhof bike park and the ski jump. Since there were a lot of people in Oberhof, it went on quickly, on the former bobsleigh run to the Ohratalsperre. Of course, I had to stop at my favorite vantage point again to take pictures. Unfortunately, I was disturbed by a biker who did not think it necessary to respond to my greeting, nor to take my photoshoot into consideration and instead just stood in the picture to take photos and have a drink. It was actually noticeable that the people were very unfriendly today. A couple just said hello (probably only because we knew each other). Everyone else either looked straight ahead or reacted with frowning looks. I sometimes ask myself whether people are annoyed that they are out and about in nature or that they are doing sports. Is that just a must for you?
      It is really sad how difficult it is for people to face the world with kindness. Mark Twain once said: "Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can read." It shouldn't be difficult to "speak" this world language. Anyway, we went home again through the forest via the Wechmacher hut.
      Except for the fellows, it was a pleasant tour. The temperatures were pleasant. The forest with its silence and the wonderful earthy and resinous scents made for relaxation and the view after conquering vertical meters was impressive. In fact, only 15% of the tour route was driven with the engine's E-mode. The rest of the route was covered in bio mode.

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      • 25 juillet 2021

  7. Annafarina 🦝 a fait du VTT.

    24 juillet 2021

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      "The computer is the biggest detour to yourself." (Hans-Jürgen Krackher)Today, on the day of virtual love, this quote should become the slogan of my tour. I had set myself the goal of the Winterstein castle ruins and of course planned it virtually with Komoot. The virtual bet promised only good things, so I set off with Hulk in the morning. The sun was just creeping up the ladder to heaven and enveloping the landscape in a loving, warm light. The birds chirped to one another awake and the cold gave way to warmth. Love was in the air But after a short time there were problems in paradise. Komoot was apparently dissatisfied with the fact that I did not implement the planned route exactly. The result was that Komoot broke off the rest of the route and wanted to send me back home. This phenomenon should take place 5 times on the tour - operant conditioning doesn't work for me, Komoot darling. I am unable to learn there. The reason for my disregard of the plan was the event: Inselsberg ENDURO. All forest stretches were cordoned off with a tape recorder. Several times I got to racetrack 2 and 3. Again and again I had to take detours, take a look at the planned route again and again, only to find out at some point that the planned route had been deleted again and Komoot whispered in my ear via the in-earbud, I should turn back. Every time I was forced to end the Komoot tour and start the planned tour again. My virtual love for this charming outdoor app suffered a lot today, even if she only meant well to me. But sometimes a detour is a way out, in this case a way out of the event zone. In Bad Tabarz at the beautiful Struwwelpeter Park, I was still amazed at the many bikers parked there who were up so early and enthusiastically "Hi!" and good morning!" shouted, I just hoped that the race didn't start too early and that I would get out of the danger zone in time. Erhard Blanck once said: "It was once claimed that the journey is the destination. A detour and a way out came up." Well how true. The path as such was in parts anything but beautiful. I don't like to drive through towns and so avoid it as much as possible. But this time I often had no other choice.
      But finally I arrived at the castle ruins and I could breathe a sigh of relief. The facility was very idyllic and invited to linger. The small park is nicely planted and the moat is well cared for. After a little photo shoot, it finally went back.
      Since I had no idea of the scope of the event routes, I naturally got into barriers several times and found myself on the racetracks in parts. But somehow I made it to Friedrichroda. On a rapid descent of a single trail, a fox crossed my path so close that I still think about how he might be. I hope he didn’t hurt himself on the undergrowth during his daring move to get into the thicket.
      After a short detour to the candelabra, which shone again with a great view of the country, we finally went home. At this point, Komoot had given up hope that I would listen to her voice again on this tour. Since then there has been radio silence between us.
      But since today is the day of virtual love, I'm sending you on virtual X and Os:

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      • 24 juillet 2021

    1. Annafarina 🦝

      "Everything that is against nature does not last in the long run." (Charles Darwin)After walking through the fog yesterday, today we went with the bike in the sunshine through the forest to the Ohratalsperre and Lütschetalsperre. The forest was already wonderfully warmed by the sun, so that one could perceive the wonderful forest smell. At the Ohratalsperre it was still quite calm. Except for a few encounters, you had the path to yourself. You could enjoy the view of the water. This shone wonderfully blue in the sunshine. At the Lütschetalsperre, however, the calm was over. There the water sports enthusiasts, bathing enthusiasts and camping guests romped about. This hustle and bustle was too much, so we quickly headed home. Of course, another wrong turn was taken behind Luisenthal - that's just part of it. The wrong turn was to be devastating, as it was necessary to push the bike uphill through the deforested area covered with wood and mud. Cheers to the pushing aid. 😅 At home, the bike needed a shower, the clothes needed a wash and the shoes needed a "rub-down". Overall, it was a wonderful tour. A special highlight after the Lütschetalsperre was, on the one hand, the wonderful view towards Thuringia and a small rest area with water wheels and plant bicycles. Wonderful what some think up to leave something artistic / creative in nature.

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      • 18 juillet 2021

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    17 juillet 2021

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    1. Pjotre 🚵🏼🥾

      The view is mega! I have to go to the Kickelhahn. 🤟🏻

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      • 17 juillet 2021

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    11 juillet 2021

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      "The most reliable way to distinguish between the individual television programs is still the weather report."
      (Woody Allen)
      What do you do if you urgently want to do some exercise with your bike after the barbecue party the previous evening, but one weather report announces heavy rain from 9 a.m., the second weather report thunderstorms from 10 a.m. and the third light rain weather report from 8 a.m.: 00 o'clock? That's right, you take a medium risk and drive routes that allow you to escape home quickly.
      And so it was today with Hulk and the gaze regularly directed towards the sky in all directions around Georgenthal.
      First it went south to the Lohmühle and back over the dinosaur path, towards Georgenthal. The dinosaurs were in good spirits. The route was heavily muddy due to the rainy Friday and the busy visitor traffic on Saturday. The weather seemed to hold, so it went in an arc to the west to the Wiederkommshög. Here you could enjoy the view of the candelabra. In the meantime the sky even seemed to clear up slightly, so that the Boxberg, which lies in a northerly direction, was targeted. As the sun increasingly fought its way through the cloud cover, the next arc was made in an easterly direction via Schwabhausen, the military training area-Ohrdruf to the copper castle. It was now 9:00 a.m. and there was no sign of rain. So the way home was chosen via Graefenhain, Nauendorf and the Herrenhof gravel pits. During this time the wind got stronger and the clouds pushed together. However, the rain did not come - and so far.
      In contrast to yesterday's tour, this time the landscape was covered in a haze. The distant view always seemed slightly blurred. The sun behind the clouds made them shine silver. The fields were wrapped in their summer garb. The grain is currently sprouting upwards and is being enhanced in color with cornflowers, wild poppies, buttercups and various thistles. The grain swayed in the wind and the crows frolicked along the way.
      In summary, it was a pleasant tour through the variety of landscapes around Georgenthal and the apple city area.

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      • 11 juillet 2021

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