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  1. Rombea a fait du VTT.

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    1. Rombea

      This round went to the wind hole near Großmeinfeld and the snake spruce not far away. The wind hole is a year-round accessible Kart cave with a cave dome 20m in diameter and about 30m high, a display board with explanations is on the fence. Even if you can get in, caution is advised when entering the cave, accidents happen again and again. The natural monument snake spruce is a very interesting tree with long hanging branches that look like snakes. It is believed that this type of tree is a holdover from the Ice Age. Of course, I planned the lookout points Mittelbergwand and Luitpold - Turm for this tour and of course it also went through the beautiful Reichental. Back I followed the Hirschbacher Ziegenweg and the Heinz Walter Weg, for me one of the most beautiful mountain bike trails in this area. Here you come across the Schlossberg and Dürrnberg caves, and it is definitely worth going down and taking a look here.

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  2. Rombea a fait du VTT.

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    saddlerat, Da Steff 🚵💥 et 105 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Rombea

      Today I treated myself to a little home tour to the "Hohler Fels" to watch the sunset over the reservoir. I finally got my mountain bike again and of course I wanted to test whether everything fits. And? That's fine! First it went through the Schottental, over the Schneidersburg to the Teufelskanzel, then on to the chapel ruin "Zum heiligen Baum" in Arzlohe, to the Förrenbachhaus and finally the "Hohler Fels" in Happurg. There was a lot going on again, but I was able to find a place for a photo. What can I say, schee wors and you can almost smell spring!

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      • 4 jours environ

  3. Bastl, Corinna et 90 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Rombea

      Since I had work to do in the area around Leuchtenberg and I keep seeing very nice pictures of the Lerautal nature reserve near Komoot (thanks to Mirtl for the steep lead), this time I decided to go on a hike on OWV Rundwanderweg 1. The Leuchtenberg market is located in the middle of the "Northern Upper Palatinate Forest" nature park and its landmark, the Leuchtenberg castle ruins, can be seen from afar. The ruins of Leuchtenberg Castle are the largest and best-preserved castle ruins in the Upper Palatinate, and the beautiful complex is open from April 1st to the end of October. A real tip for hikers is the Lerautal, which was named the second most beautiful forest area in Germany by the Heinz Sielmann Foundation in 2010. A wildly romantic, worth seeing stream valley with various highlights such as the Wolfslohklamm, the Schafsteg and several small waterfalls, you are always accompanied by the rushing of the Leraubach. On the OWV circular hiking trail 1 there are, in addition to the Lerautal, other sights including the rock formations "God's hands" and "devil's butter barrel". The starting point of my hike were the parking spaces at the castle ruins, the hiking overviews and flyers are available at the information point on the market square. This is also where the circular hiking trails 1-6 start. I can only recommend this hike, preferably from April together with a castle tour, of course you can combine this with a bike tour and the area also has a lot to offer mountain bikers. I'll definitely stop by again. Here is the link to the hikes: owv-uchtenberg.de/wanderwege.html

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      • 6 jours environ

  4. Rombea a fait une sortie à vélo.

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    Peter, Florian et 95 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Rombea

      Today I allowed myself another ride on my bike, it was about time. Unfortunately it started quite late and so I could only catch a few rays of sunshine. The goals were the two lakes of Happurg, the excavator and the reservoir, in between it went over the Kapellenweg to Ellenbach / Hersbruck and back over the glider airfield. Although it was getting a bit fresh, it was really fun, on top of that (and the hot mi especially happy) my mountain bike came back from the repair today. Now it can really start again!

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      • 7 jours environ

  5. Rolling Rudi, A.M.O. et 100 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Rombea

      How it fits sometimes. On my birthday today 🎂 I did my tour numero 400 🍾 in wonderful "spring weather" with sunshine and pleasant temperatures. The round started at the hiking car park at the sports area in Neukirchen bei Sulzbach - Rosenberg and had the Hartenfels and the "Peilsteiner Geißkirche" as its destination. Actually, I had hoped to find a lot of icicles in the cave, but the thaw did a great job. Regardless, a nice tour through the homeland on Burzeltag, which gave me a lot of pleasure.

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      • 19 février 2021

  6. Oliswege, Gabi et 95 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Rombea

      Today it was a near-natural hike in Schönseer Land with the main goal "Bohemian Forest Viewing Tower". The tower stands at 898 m above sea level. NHN high Weingartenfels (the main European watershed Elbe - Danube runs here), right on the border with the Czech Republic. On July 1, 1984, the 30m high tower, a wooden structure, was inaugurated. From the all-round glazed viewing platform, 142 steps lead up, you have a wonderful view of the Bohemian Forest and the mountains of the Bavarian Forest. Other destinations of the hike were the deserted areaügellohe and the castle ruins of Reichenstein. Ügellohe is a deserted village that was built here after the expulsion of around 60 Sudeten Germans in 1946. However, there was neither electricity nor running water and so people leftügellohe again. The last one was in 1970. Today, however, without the butcher's house ,ügellohe has fallen into disrepair. Nearby is the Weißbachquelle, which flows over the Ascha into the Black Sea. The last destination was the Reichenstein castle ruins, which are located on the summit of the Reichenstein at 874 meters. The ruin is currently being renovated and is surrounded by scaffolding, but the view from the nearby vantage point is still worth a visit. Here you have a wonderful view of the Arber, 60 km away, and the elevations of the "Bavarian Forest". For me a wonderful hike in the area near the border to Bohemia, just the way I like it. Just me, the forest, sun, snow and 🦌🐿🦉🐺🦡🦊🐗🐀🦔 😁

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      • 15 février 2021

  7. Alex, Reiner et 73 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Rombea

      Simply done everything wrong again! After I saw the pictures at Söhni's yesterday, I was itching right up my neck and I really wanted to go to the "Klingender Wasserfall" (above all, I wanted to show the waterfall to my girls). Against better knowledge, I grabbed my two girls and off we went to Haimendorf. Already on arrival, especially around 12:30 p.m., it was jammed in the village and after about 20 minutes of looking for a parking space on the way to the waterfall. There was just too much going on for me. Despite the crowds, the girls liked it and the walk with the frozen waterfall was still a nice Sunday walk. We had a lot of fun, sun and fresh air and so, after initial anger, I was still satisfied with the trip. Maybe not all wrong after all!

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      • 14 février 2021

  8. Rombea a fait une randonnée.

    11 février 2021

    Andreas Scheurer, Maria et 88 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Rombea

      This time I chose the Hersbrucker Kalorienweg, on the one hand because I find the idea very funny and on the other hand because of the hope. "Maybe it will bring something". The varied path is about 7.8 km long and leads through the city as well as over fields and forests. The hiker is motivated in a special way because along the way there are funny boards informing about the previous calorie consumption. The starting point is Hersbruck Castle, here you can also park and the hiking map with an overview of the stations is also located here. One follows the "8 on green ground". I changed the route slightly for myself, went through the water gate and then along the Pegnitz, on the way back I also stopped by the old town because that is the more attractive route for me. The first section is relatively flat through the city and the rose garden, but then the path shows why it is called the calorie path and it goes up quite a bit at the Teufelsgraben. You will be rewarded again and again on the circular hiking trail with a beautiful view of the surrounding area and the signs attached. I enjoyed it and can only recommend the calorie path. (As of 02/2021, panels 5 and 9 are missing).

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      • 12 février 2021

  9. Rombea a fait une randonnée.

    10 février 2021

    1. Rombea

      The pictures of Magic Harry on his winter hike made me really curious and so I had to make a detour to the Happurg quarry on the way to the pharmacy. The tour around the lake was short but beautiful, there is something like this winter landscape.

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      • 10 février 2021

  10. Markus ✌️, Nils et 64 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Rombea

      Today I went to the Rotbühl cross-country skiing center. The network of trails there includes four cross-country trails of different lengths, mostly with snow-making capabilities and floodlights. At the parking lot there is a multifunctional building with the possibility to change clothes or to put the finishing touches on the skis in the warming hall. But both 👍 high. There was a lot going on today and the 8km trail was not yet open, so packs formed every now and then on the remaining kilometers. It didn't hurt so much that I had to end my venture early. However, it also means "I'll be back". The facility is looked after by SC Monte Kaolino. Well-known members of the SC Monte Kaolino association are Jochen Behle and Peter Schlickenrieder, the former and current national trainers for cross-country skiing. sc-montekaolino.com/webcam

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      • 9 février 2021

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