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Ich streife in Nordrhein-Westfalen - vornehmlich im Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis durch die Wildnis ;-)
Mein Outdoor-/Bike-Radius umfasst die Städte: Düsseldorf - Bochum - Dortmund - Hagen - Lüdenscheid - Marienheide - Wipperfürth - Leverkusen und eben alles, was dazwischen liegt. Ich fahre mit E-Motion Fahrrad, genieße die Landschaft und halte sie in Bild und Ton fest. Die Fotos sowie die Tourbeschreibungen sind in komoot und die Videos poste ich auf meinem Youtube Kanal namens "mitrilmo".


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  1. Mo a fait une sortie à vélo.

    4 jours environ

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    1. Mo

      Sunday morning, loved ones are still sleeping. Today's mission: "Breakfast". A look in the refrigerator: it will be a "Mission Impossible" - Oh fright, the eggs are gone! So get some fresh eggs by bike. Ringing here comes the egg mon!
      According to the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, per capita consumption in 2020 was 239 eggs. We'll have to work hard to do justice to the statistics. And by the way: if you buy eggs from the farm for your own use, they do not have to be labeled. So buying an egg naturally becomes a matter of trust. The codes usually printed on the eggs differentiate between the following: 0 = organic production, 1 = free-range production, 2 = free-range production and 3 = small-group production and they also contain the country and number of the producer. I don't want to ignite a discussion with buying and eating eggs, so everyone decides for themselves whether and which eggs will be put on the breakfast table. We decided for ourselves that it should be the ones from the farm around the corner and if I can now get them by bike without any losses, CO2-neutral, I have a good feeling. That is mainly because of the wonderful sunshine and the nice little bike tour. Fortunately, there is hardly anything left to see from the heavy rain catastrophe of the last week. The Ennepetalsperre is well filled and Otto Intze did a good job with the massive quarry stone wall, because it held up. It smells a bit, but not of oil and gasoline like elsewhere in the dams, but just a bit muddy.
      We, so the eggs and I arrived at our destination safe this time and so this tour was something of a trauma overcoming for me. Why? Two weeks ago I drove it too and involuntarily got off the handlebars - ouch. Helmet and gloves prevented worse.
      To use the terminator and above all thematically apt to say in the words of Arnold Schwarzen🥚er: "Ei be back!"
      Breakfast Mission Possible
      Stay healthy
      Your egg mon

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      • 4 jours environ

  2. Mo a fait une randonnée.

    2 juillet 2021

    7,89 km
    5,1 km/h
    110 m
    110 m
    Gudiba, Angelika & Alfred et 31 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Mo

      The carrot is gone! No not forever! It's just for inspection - your first. That's why there is a small circular hike today - pedes instead of pedals (around Rüggeberg). In the (home) office we played official micado again today. You know it, don't you? Whoever moves first loses. Nothing for "restless legs"! That was the reason why I put on my hiking boots at the end of the day and packed my rucksack with the essentials for a possible ascent of the Eiger north face. Believe it or not: I actually set off for the first base camp without any scherpas. It first went from Rüggeberg to the alpacas in Herminghausen. Then I headed for the local mountain lake (Heilenbecke) and circled it halfway. I am through the forest to the Klütinger Alm. Anyone reading this will hardly believe that we are in the southern Ruhr area and not in Alpine Austria or Switzerland. Why look into the distance? With this question in mind and a silent trumpeted "Dark fir trees, green meadows in the sunshine!" I trudged lively to the village of Filde. My next goal was the forest or what was left of it after the bark beetle attack. In the border area between Rhineland and Westphalia, I allowed myself a short break shortly after the Bergische Landwehr (a breathtaking ground monument that you can literally stumble over). Then it went back to the starting point. A nice little round "around Rüggeberg" in wonderful weather and occasionally lonely passages. That was good. But I'm happy when the carrot is with me again.
      Stay healthy
      Your Mo
      P.S .: The Möhr is my bike, by the way, not that you get stupid thoughts. Now you get stupid thoughts right?

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      • 2 juillet 2021

  3. Mo a fait une sortie à vélo.

    27 juin 2021

    LuBa, Robin et 118 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Mo

      BatMO and Lurt Bancaster dare the adventure of a Night on Bike. I quote a more than well-known song text from 1982:
      It's close to midnight - Something evil's lurkin 'in the dark - Under the moonlight - You see a sight that almost stops your heart
      N / A? Who is it by and what is the name of the song? You'll find out (little tip: it was a Michael, but not WHAM!).
      I've wanted to do a tour like this for a long time, but had (he) respect for the extra thrill. But when I asked Lurt if he would come with me (I sold it to him as a great bike adventure for real guys, so as one of the last challenges in our urban, civilized world and not as a babysitting for the Mo), he was right there - he is also scared of nothing. Our plan was for us to ride - uh - bike together and that, in a beautiful spot in North Rhine-Westphalia.
      It took some preparation and highly complicated astronomical, astrological, astrophysical and astro-cognitive (you guessed it, the word doesn't exist) calculations to find the perfect route and the perfect place at the perfect time. Besides, we had nothing to do this weekend anyway.
      I then did a little more research and found out that there are three twilight phases before the actual sunrise. On the previous tropical nights we probably couldn't sleep so well and during one of these waking phases I noticed that it was already quite light at 4:00 a.m. (i.e. 1 hour before the official sunrise) (I didn't even have to turn on the light in the bathroom ). Oh, the twilight phases, which would be "astronomical twilight", "nautical twilight" and "civil twilight" (that's really what it is called). Each of them describes the position of the sun in degrees to or below the horizon, ie phase 1 is 18 ° (it is still quite dark there), phase 2 is 12 ° (you can already see the horizon, but also see stars) and Phase 3 is 6 ° (reading outdoors is already possible, but who wants that at the time). The first attempt at the Night on Bike Tour fell victim to an apocalyptic thunderstorm and made me webbed - you just can't plan everything.
      Now everything was really perfect, three nights after the super moon night and we saw the sunrise exactly over Lake Kemnader - wow! We then cycled on the Ruhr Valley Cycle Path and were there on a Sunday (!) All alone (could that have been because of the time?!?). Then we went home via the Elbschetalbahn and Glückauf-Trasse as well as the Nordbahntrasse.
      Folks - you have to have done a Night on Bike tour like this. But plan them properly, at least what can be planned. Anyway, we had our fun, even if it was a sleepless night.
      Stay healthy
      Your Mo (and best regards from Lurt)
      P.S .: Mr. Reineke, Lemmi Co. didn't feel like coming with you at night (!) At 1:00 a.m. (!), But the fickle Sir Simon accompanied us from Tunnel Schee until it got too light for him at the Cafe Kännchen.

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      • 27 juin 2021

  4. Mo a fait une sortie à vélo.

    13 juin 2021

    Robin, Petra Bur et 56 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Mo

      Today it's off to the Stone Age. The destination is Fred Feuerstein's former workplace. O.k. den und die Feuersteins and Geröllheimers haven't been around for a long time, but they won't be forgotten. Where is it going? The spoiler is on the komoot map (don't look!) And the information in the tour description. We'll be 4x Yabba dabba doo! to be able to call out as an expression of our joy - we promise. And these are the four:
      The first Yabba dabba doo! is cycling on the Schwarzbachtrasse - small but nice and spotted with a tunnel.
      The second Yabba dabba doo! Is cycling on the Nordbahntrasse - well attended, but the ideal way to cross the city of Wuppertal (if you disregard the suspension railway).
      The third Yabba dabba doo! Is cycling on the Niederbergbahn route - a bike path with a panorama or, better, a panorama bike path.
      The fourth Yabba dabba doo! If you then look into the imposing "..." - we'll reveal that later.
      Fred, Wilma, Pebbles, Barney, Betty and Bam-Bam accompany me imaginary today. Who are they? Well, the residents of Bedrock (in German: Steintal). It has been more than 60 years since the Flintstones & Co. saw the light of day and imagined an ideal Stone Age world in animated films (as the cartoons were called back then). Funny entertainment suitable for children or a socially critical parody of the family roles and the bourgeois life of the time? Anyway, I loved it when Fred Feuerstein did his "Yabba dabba doo!" trumpeted out and rushed from the dinosaur at work in the quarry into the evening. Oops! With that I would have the fourth Yabba dabba doo! betray. The goal of the tour is the Schlupkothen limestone quarry near Wülfrath in the Mettmann district, closed in 1960 and now renatured. It can't be a coincidence that the first episode of the animated series "The Flintstones" appeared in 1960, right?
      We start not far from the Stone Age Klutert Cave in the cave village of Rüggeberg with our vehicle made of wood, animal skin (there is again the topic: leather saddle) and stone. Incidentally, this is only driven by our leg strength (lied, but that's called "artistic freedom"). The first destination is the valley of the Wupper and there the Schwarzbachtrasse (formerly the railway line) - Yabba dabba doo! Unfortunately, we didn't see the mammoth Tuffi (gurgle to Wuppertal and Tuffi and you will find amazing things).
      After a short distance to the north we reach Wichlinghausen and the second former railway line - the northern railway line - Yabba dabba doo! From here, our Stone Age vehicle rolls west over viaducts and through tunnels, past saber-toothed tigers and a number of dinosaurs. We then leave the route to follow the river Düssel (which comes to a village at some point and then it becomes Düsseldorf - haha) upstream towards Schlupkothen (the name is guaranteed to come from a cartoon series, doesn't it?). And hey presto, we're on the panorama cycle path Niederbergbahn - Yabba dabba doo! But unfortunately only for a short time, because now the viewing platform Schlupkothener Bruch beckons - and one more thing: Yabba dabba doo! We are in the largest limestone mining area in Europe. The quarry was in operation until 1960, then shut down and filled with water. The local dinosaurs (reptiles and amphibians) loved it so much that they came in droves, settled down and turned the area into a nature reserve. What you get to see from the viewing platform cannot be expressed in words and only to a limited extent in pictures. Turquoise blue water awakens wanderlust (although that's silly when we have the Caribbean on our doorstep) and reminds us of many a movie scene. * Pause * - * long pause * And back to reality, in the here and now (a shame): with these great impressions it is now the same way back to our Klutert cave in Ennepetal. At the campfire we will tell the clan about this adventure or better, we will paint it on the cave wall. Tour conclusion: Yabba dabba doo!
      Stay healthy
      Your Mo (mmut)
      Addendum: As in the sketch "Zinc oxide and you!" from Kentucky Fried Movie (1977) one could ask "Why do you need lime?" Lime is elementary for the entire construction industry and was used in ancient times. Building materials such as mortar, cement and concrete would not exist without him. In the imaginary sketch "Kalk und Sie!" can you think about what would not be there if there was no lime? A little tip: duck your head, because the plaster is guaranteed to come from the ceiling first ;-)

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      • 13 juin 2021

  5. Mo a fait une sortie à vélo.

    1 juin 2021

    88,9 km
    16,9 km/h
    930 m
    930 m
    Anke 67, Miodrag Knežević et 100 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Mo

      Lübeck, Hamburg, Rostock or Bremen, these are cities that you think of when you hear the term "Hanseatic League". You know, the merchants' guild with its heyday between the 12th and 17th centuries. But be careful: the Hanseatic League still exists and currently there are 194 Hanseatic cities in 16 countries (2021 source: hanse.org). We also have two of them here in the Ennepe-Ruhr district: Breckerfeld and Hattingen, says Mo with a swollen chest. So let's look for other Hanseatic cities in the inland area (you can do it here too - see web link above).
      We're sailing, rowing, paddling, we're pedaling on this tour to a pretty Hanseatic city on the Ruhr, the Hanseatic city of Schwerte. Our Hanseatic cog, solemnly christened "Die Möhr", will bring us many waves up and down the area for almost 48 nautical miles close to the inland waterways. So, let's go on an adventure:
      From the home port of Rüggeberg, we set sail in the direction of the Hanseatic city of Breckerfeld. From there we get to the "Haspe-Voerde-Breckerfeld" small railway in the direction of the gate to the Sauerland (city of Hagen). Speaking of goals: the Nordic weather god Thor is kind to us, the sun (which plays a burning role again on this tour) is shining in the sky and a mild breeze is blowing. After crossing the shallows of Hagen City, we see an enchanting lake (Hengsteysee) and the imposing medieval castle ruins of Hohensyburg and the majestic Kaiser Wilhelm monument. Now the RuhrtalRadweg leads us upstream to the destination port, the Hanseatic city of Schwerte.
      Where's Schwerte? The city, first mentioned in documents around 962, is located between the Ruhr area and the Sauerland at the geographical center of North Rhine-Westphalia and in the immediate vicinity of the Ruhr (a detour from the RuhrtalRadweg is only a spoke's length away). The historic old town bears witness to the fact that it was once one of the wealthy cities in the Hanseatic League. The two most famous sights, St. Viktor's Church (14th century) and the Old Town Hall (1547) are located close to each other on the spacious market square. The so-called Pannekaukenfest usually takes place on the market square every year, i.e. when we are not in a pandemic. In culinary terms, we owe the Hanseatic city of Schwerte the Pannekauken, i.e. potato pancakes (a monument to the Pannekaukenfrau expresses this thanks in bronze). You can spend a whole day strolling, eating ice cream or drinking coffee in the old town, but our cog has to start the journey home, because the second approx. 24 nautical miles are still ahead of us. Past the former pumping station, today's Rohrmeisterei cultural center and the Wasserburg Schloss Haus Ruhr (the 200-year-old horse chestnut in the courtyard is worth seeing), it's back on the RuhrtalRadweg (the capitalized, last "R" is not a typo, but the usual spelling - hear hears!). Downriver we cycle through dreamlike floodplains, along rugged rocks, past industrial pioneering work (pumped storage power station) and always with a view of the water, the ducks, the geese, the coots and swans and also of the sailors and stand-up paddlers, whose water sports skills too like to remind you of stand-up comedy, in the direction of the city weather. There we leave the "Ruhr" area and steer the cog on the Elbschetalbahn (former railway line) south again to the home port. Tour conclusion: it was worth it and can be recommended.
      For me personally, the "Hanseatic" thing about the tour was that my arms turned crab red after the beautiful sunny weather. The sun had an easy time with my elegant winter pallor. Which brings us back to the subject of the "Hanseatic League", because the colors of the Hanseatic League are known to be red and white and can still be found today in many city coats of arms of Hanseatic cities. The Mo as heraldic animal - ouch!
      Stay healthy and masked where necessary
      Your Mo

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      • 2 juin 2021

  6. Mo a fait une sortie à vélo.

    30 mai 2021

    Einsfuffzig, Johanna et 35 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Mo

      One thing first: The ⚽ European Football Championship 2021 is to take place in June in ten European and one Asian cities. I don't understand, but I have no idea about football either, and at the time my father, who had an affinity for football, liked to "white hot" 😵 when he asked about the offside rule. And that although he actually prefers the colors black and yellow (e). Anyway - what do I not understand now? Well, that it’s an EM and that it’s a venue in Asia 🥠. If there is a lack of a suitable location, the organizers are hereby informed that Rüggeberg has a football field suitable for competitions and that the lawn only needs a little freshening up (i.e. ❤️ love, 🤓 speech and maybe some 🎶 music). So, and that brings us to the topic: grass whispers. I would like to dedicate my tour today to all the busy farmers 🚜 (for the TV series Junkies among you: I mean "farmers") who had a 🌄 sunny Sunday, but not a Sunday. The tractors were everywhere in the fields to fill the pantry with vegan food for the cattle. Meanwhile, the horse and cow mowed the not yet cut grass for Sunday brunch, as if they were self-sufficient. On the runway at the Radevormwald glider airfield, the stalks were already trimmed so that flight operations can begin (after all, the sunny day provided the thermals). The Ennepetalsperre is so full that water is drained in a controlled manner so that it does not overflow - that's good news, isn't it? And because it was so idyllic and quiet up to that part of the tour that you could have heard the grass whispering, uh, growing, I decided to shorten it and save myself the planned part on the street and through the city. Sometimes you should stop when it is most beautiful. In addition, the proportion of biomass in the air (insects) and on the ground (walkers and cyclists) was almost too great for a collision-free passage. I still listen to the grass whispering in our garden (no, not what you're thinking now) and afterwards I thank the farmers at the grill for their tireless efforts for the cattle.
      Then another joke occurs to me: She says to him: "Listen to the crickets!" He: "I don't smell anything!"
      Stay healthy and hooded too
      Your Mo
      P.S .: I could actually call my dad at the ⚽ European Championship opener and have the offside rule explained to me again, what do you think?

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      • 30 mai 2021

  7. Mo a fait une sortie à vélo.

    21 mai 2021

    Angelika & Alfred, Robin et 40 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Mo

      Actually, I didn't want to publish the tour at all. I'll be honest, it was all about the kilometers! My goal in the three weeks of "city cycling" (one or the other can probably no longer hear or read it, but it's over now) to crack the 400 kilometers. O.k., that is probably not a big number for one or the other (are they always the same one and the other? And who are they anyway? Anyway!), But May did not have many smart cycling days in store for us.
      Attention farmer's rule ist: if May is cool and wet, the farmer's barn 🌾 and barrel 🍺 fill up.
      Attention cyclist rule 🚴: if May is cool and wet, cycling is not much fun 🥶.
      Incidentally, I managed the 400 kilometers and took a few photos today on the last few meters in mixed weather with sun 🌤️, clouds ☁️ and a lot of wind 🌪️, but they certainly have a foothills of the Alps. For the record: the tour also led past the Klütinger Alm, through two valleys and up a mountain, over a pilgrimage route and past all sorts of things 🐂🐎🐐🐄. And besides, the Alps are not that far away either - and from that point of view everything is somehow Alpine foothills (that's the advantage of a globe 🌍)!
      Stay healthy and hooded too
      Your Mo

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      • 21 mai 2021

  8. Mo a fait une sortie à vélo.

    20 mai 2021

    Angelika & Alfred, Michael Willuweit et 48 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Mo

      May 20th, 2021 is World Bee Day (Happy World Bee Day - see worldbeeday.org Tip: Have the page translated into German by your browser) and for the Ennepe-Ruhr district it is the penultimate day of "city cycling". So let's be as busy as the bees again, cycle kilometers, avoid CO2 and do something for the climate and thus for the bees.
      Where did the idea for a "World Bee Day" come from? From Slovenia (so have the website mentioned above translated if your Slovenian, like mine, is a bit rusty). The Slovene Anton Janscha (born 1734) was a beekeeper at the Viennese court of Maria Theresa (Archduchess of Austria and Queen of Hungary and Bohemia and, by the way, also very busy with offspring). He is considered to be the inventor of the first frame operation: with this technology, the honeycombs in the beehive can be moved and thus adapted to the size of the pupulation, for example. Janscha was also the rector and lecturer of the world's first modern beekeeping school and published a number of papers and books on beekeeping and beekeeping. The government of Slovenia launched the World Bee Day initiative in 2014 and the United Nations officially hummed it out around the world in 2018. This is important insofar as the bees play a special role in our ecosystem and, hopefully we all agree, are particularly worth protecting. Do you actually know why the bees keep buzzing? Well, because they forgot the text. I am now buzzing a little to myself, am happy that city cycling is helping to protect the climate and watch another episode of "Maya the Bee" on World Bee Day - with Willi being the real star of the cartoon series for me. Willi is the best! Then I think of another Willi, but that’s what a tour description to come.
      Sum, sum, sum - Komooties is cycling around!
      Your Mo
      P.S .: With all the humming, I forgot the text - uh, the tour description, but the map and pictures say more than a thousand words, so I'll leave it at that. I hardly saw any bees in the weather, and when they did, then only flying in the sun - they were probably too cold.

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      • 20 mai 2021

  9. Mo a fait une sortie à vélo.

    16 mai 2021

    18,9 km
    19,4 km/h
    310 m
    300 m
    Angelika & Alfred, Captain et 10 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Mo

      Sweet is probably not the first attribute that applies to Mo. When we think of sweet, we inevitably think of sugar. What's there for sugar? Household or fine sugar, fructose, invert sugar, isomaltulose (I've never heard of), corn sugar, maltose and much more.The association still doesn't want to come up !? Let's try it with cane sugar, molasses, rum: now maybe? A nice old, over 50s rum - yes, that could fit. How do I get that? I'll tell you now: When I looked out the window this morning, I was happy because the weather forecast didn't seem to be right. Incidentally, it is a misconception that every student in the Meteorology course (Bachelor of Science) has to bring his or her own frog in a glass to the lecture. Many universities also lend frogs, but their predictions should be treated with caution. I digress again: so quickly do a little tour around Rüggeberg on my bike, without a lot of frills, without a lot of preparation, without the usual Sherpa equipment for the Nanga Parbat ascent, so just go for it (spoiler: mistake!). Another thought shot through my head: for the last week in city cycling (I reported in the tour "City cycling in a circle every 9th without a poodle but with a fox" about it) collect kilometers and protect the climate (my first for 2 1/2 weeks Thought when I get up in the morning - well, maybe the second or third or - oh, it doesn't matter). It was great (at first), hardly anyone was out and the sun was shining. The plan was to cycle to the bakery, buy fresh bread and enjoy the Sunday. But then it got closed and I had to think of Elke and the rain jacket. Well, I was already wearing the rain jacket, but not the neon yellow one that usually brings tears of joy to the eyes of the sky, but the inconspicuous black one that has always stayed dry and works in meteorological stealth mode - until today . And then the unimaginable happened: I had to cancel the tour - scandal! No buns - double scandal!
      So I inevitably come to the conclusion that I'm made of sugar after all. So not this nice fine powdered sugar, but rather the coarse cane sugar that is used for the rum. But that also has its raison d'etre. I got a thought, frozen, wet, cold and "groggy" and I put water on first - we don't have any rolls anyway….
      Stay healthy and hooded too
      Sweet Mo

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      • 16 mai 2021

  10. Mo a fait une sortie à vélo.

    13 mai 2021

    Kerstin 🤗, Michael Willuweit et 41 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Mo

      Bimmel, Bimmel, Bimmel - The curtain rises for another stretch of the route cycling. It gets quiet in the (of course masked) auditorium. So that the audience doesn't get bored because the piece, like Elton John's farewell tour or the Corona Lockdown, goes into the umpteenth extension, this tour description - uh, the piece is spiked with a few well-intentioned "luck" wishes. The set shows a hilly landscape, lush meadows and fields, here and there a disused train station. The main character comes on a bike. Thunderous applause! The clapping echoes in the ears, almost unbearable. Incredible, these groupies! But then it starts.
      The Kasperle is out and about by bike on former railway lines (coal railway) in the area around Wuppertal, Sprockhövel and Gevelsberg. The only coal that is still being moved here is the one that the puppet carries in his wallet - so (unfortunately) no ballast. Oh yes, the educational mission of this piece, in other words the greetings that have been greeted - here they come from the Kasperle explained:
      1. Greeting: Glückauf
      Miners have been greeting each other for more than 350 years (and perhaps not that long also the cave explorers and other cave olms). What does that actually mean? There are different interpretations, but the most common is that the greeting from the Ore Mountains means that the miner may be lucky to have a new passage or to find new ore. In addition, may he drive out of the pit in good health (Gandalf would say in the face of the Balrog: "Flee, you fools!"). In the Rhenish-Westphalian coal district, which also includes the Ennepe-Ruhr district, which is cycled here, there have been countless more or less large mines with sometimes imaginative names, such as "Fresh Daring", "Lowest Cow" or "Heller Mittag" ". The coal railway line (Glückauf-Trasse) roams the colliery and shaft area and provides information about technology and history with various information boards and relics from bygone days.
      2. Greeting: Glückab
      “Glückab” or “Glückab und gut land”, that's how balloonists, pilots and parachutists greet each other, i.e. everything that falls more or less from the sky (do astronauts also greet each other like that?). While with the miners it should be from the bottom up, ie "up" with luck, with the heavenly people it is from the top down, ie "from" vice versa.
      3. Greeting: Glückzu
      And if we stay with "luck", then we must also mention the traditional greeting of the millers and mill builders. That reads "Glückzu" or "Glückzu on all roads". The traveling companions should or should with this greeting carry the luck from mill to mill and thus protect against storms, fire and bad harvests. Today the greeting is supposed to protect against Brigitte diets, gluten intolerance and monstrous EU regulations. Cameo: Mo cycles through the set - the crowd looks puzzled.
      4. Bonus greeting: chain on the right
      The classic or best-known cyclist greeting is "chain on the right", which means as much as shifting into a larger gear (large blade at the front and the smallest sprocket at the rear) to pick up speed. The emotionally bicycling puppet could now wish you "chain right", but makes no sense with a belt drive and gear hub, so it wishes you regionally and traditionally "Glückauf". Side note from the prompter's box: Once the question has been resolved with the astronauts, the puppet could also wish "Glückab", because his vehicle (the Möhr) has a .... drum roll .... planetary gear.
      And so the curtain goes down after the piece "tri tra trullala - the route is already back". Once again, the deafening applause doesn't seem to end. The groupies are tearing their clothes off ........ I digress.
      Stay healthy and hooded too
      Your Tri Tra Trullermo
      Epilogue: Kaspermo takes the stage again: "For all those who refuse to say hello, I have a few more ingenious reasons not to say hello!" - he picked it up somewhere:
      a) Oncoming people: are not greeted because they interfere with my free travel / hinder me.
      b) Overtaking people: are not greeted because they are faster than me and that is a cheek.
      c) Helmet refusers: are generally not greeted, because for them vanity takes precedence over safety.
      d) Greeters: are not greeted because they have to be wimps if they still have air to greet while cycling.
      e) Hand puppets: are not greeted because that would be completely absurd.

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      • 13 mai 2021

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