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  1. Tanja et Supermanu ont fait une randonnée.

    6 jours environ

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    1. Natalie

      How nice to see this tour. Dirk and Ela have also run this before. Since then, I've wanted to go there so much 😍. Great pictures.

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      • 6 jours environ

  2. Supermanu et Tanja ont fait une randonnée.

    6 jours environ

    Angie 👣 🚴, Tom Nordpfalz et 94 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Supermanu

      Soooo, first time there was no schnapps on this circular route. At the Mummelsee we set out on a relaxed, smaller round, up to the Hornisgrindeturm and Bismarck towers, over the high moor back to the Mummelsee, mostly on beautiful paths.
      It was good that we were early, so at the beginning we could still enjoy the lake and around it, that was no longer possible when we came back 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ ... like at a folk festival.
      This day was also nice, unfortunately it is already over and my conclusion:
      Maisacher Turmsteig, a wonderful, lovingly designed path.
      Karlsruhe ridge / waterfalls, adventurous and very beautiful.Mummelsee, beautiful circular route, too many people at the hot spots.Nice 3 days with Tanja

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      • 6 jours environ

  3. MB 🍁😎, Pete et 124 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Tanja

      Today we went from the Ottenhöfen train station to the Karlsruher Grat connoisseur path.
      The beautiful path naturally led us first to a schnapps cupboard where there was an eggnog with kirsch.
      Then over the Edelfrauengrab waterfalls to the via ferrata.
      After scrambling around a bit, it was time to descend over the Brennte Schrofen vantage point.
      Then down towards Ottenhöfen where there was a cool shandy from the drinks cabinet.
      Wonderful weather and ..... schäää war it!

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      • 7 jours environ

  4. Supermanu et Tanja ont fait une randonnée.

    7 jours environ

    Eric Krause, LowKey ♨️ et 101 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Supermanu

      Today, on the 2nd day of our Black Forest trip, we started from Ottenhöfen on the Karlsruher Grat hiking trail.
      How could it be otherwise, first only uphill, almost at the same hour of the morning a schnapps bar again🤦🏼‍♀️ ... Eggnog with kirsch was the order of the day. Like a gorge it goes past many waterfalls ... a dream, soon after you reach the ridge, here it got adventurous, we climbed like the world champions and it was so fun. The descent is also very difficult and rocky, with great views again and again. We also finish this demanding hike, sweaty and happy, which I can highly recommend.

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      • 7 jours environ

  5. Rita, jonnyduck🐌 et 116 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Tanja

      Like last year at that time, Manu and I left very early for our girls' days ... Black Forest 2.0.
      At around 9 o'clock we started from Maisach.
      Over the Maisacher Grat, past a schnapps station with tasting🥂 and a cool forest bathroom with shower and bathtub, it went up to the Buchkopf turn with a brilliant view after an exhausting ascent😅.
      From there on to the Renchtalhütte where we had a delicious salad and a shandy.
      After refreshment, the beautiful path now went downhill.
      To our delight, a great picnic spot with a Versperautomat ... but only a coffee for us.
      We only looked at the last schnapps fountain🤣🤣 ... nothing more went in! 😁
      Great hike and great weather.
      I'm looking forward to 2 more beautiful days here!
      Oh, I pressed Dabbes after a 2 km tour that's why I'm missing about 2 km now ... and of course I ran as many meters up as down

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      • 12 septembre 2021

  6. Levram DC 🦊, Patrick 🥾 et 97 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Supermanu

      Soooo .... because last year it was so beautiful😍 Black Forest again, another region, great hikes.
      Already started beautifully today, we chose the Maisacher Turmsteig, started around 9.00 a.m., walked in the opposite direction, so that the stopover works☺. Wonderful, strenuous hike, a good first half actually mountain climbing. Lovingly designed rest areas, that started well with the schnapps station at around 10 a.m., further well-kept self-service areas followed. A bathing establishment in the middle of the forest, made soooo lovely, then the huge Buchkopf tower with an ingenious view, the Renchtalhütte, we ate deliciously here. The weather god seems to mean well with us too😍, now we have checked in, take a shower, eat, take a sauna and are looking forward to the next hike.

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      • 12 septembre 2021

  7. Supermanu a fait du VTT.

    7 septembre 2021

    Andreas Scheurer, Saki et 82 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Supermanu

      Started in Rheindürkheim and just set off in the direction of the Rhine .... The main thing is flat😄 ... was flat and rolled nicely. Bissel cycle autobahn, bissel Rheinaue, then around a large golf course, looked at Lake Eicher and back via Hamm.
      Now a nice ice cream is eaten in Offstein😋☺

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      • 7 septembre 2021

  8. Levram DC 🦊, Eisbär 🐻‍❄ et 100 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Supermanu

      Girls Monday and two are prevented😳😭 ... so my husband stepped in ☺. On the recommendation of Angelika, we drove to the Rhine and set out on the Rheingold dream loop in perfect weather.
      What can I say, a dream ... the loop🙏. Very varied, narrow paths, steep climbs, meadows, hedge tunnels and yet more shade than expected, views of the Rhine in many places and the mega-beautiful seating couldn't be counted. We are both very enthusiastic and a premium is deserved here.
      PS. Angelika and Petra 🤭😂 I took a picture of the railing, my husband said ... I did the two kabutt☝🤣😜

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      • 6 septembre 2021

  9. Petra, Anja R. et 84 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Supermanu

      Started in Kibo, today shot a little mountain bike tour with my husband.
      Via Orbis it was first to the Selzquelle, along the Selz, Morschheim, through Mauchenheim to Alzey to the permanent traffic jam .... look at sweet Nutrias and back over dirt roads, gravel and concrete.
      Short, nice round to soak up the sun🌞🌞🌞

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      • 4 septembre 2021

  10. Tanja et 2 membres ont fait une randonnée.

    30 août 2021

    1. Tanja

      Today's Rhine tour led us this time from Oberdiebach via Manubach to the wonderful Bacharach
      This time Steffi was also part of the party.
      Great views over the Rhine, a cute half-timbered village, Stahleck Castle, the old town of Bacharach and the Fürstenberg ruins were the highlights of this interesting tour.
      In terms of culinary delights, nothing to be desired was left unfulfilled

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      • 30 août 2021

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